Celebrating 48 years in business

Since 1967 Kondro Electric has operated under the theory that they have to keep their customers coming back. 

“It’s not a one time deal and we try to stress this with our people,” said Willard Kondro, owner and president. “we still have some customer that we’ve had since day one and we still have them after 48 years, and that’s great.”

Day one of Kondro Electric started out in Kondro’s backyard with just on other employee besides himself. He says things just developed from there until they moved into the building whish is now Tait’s Colde Beer. After outgrowing that location in 1977 they moved to thier current address down the road at 6202-50 Avenue, and now employ roughly 70 people at that location.

The company has since added another location in St. Albert that is operated by Willard’s son Brent, which has 65 electricians helping with the operation.

“I’m fortunate to have a son that works with me in the business so that kind of makes things interesting and worth while to keep it going. Everybody asks me if I’m going to retire. At this point I don’t really even think about it.

The bulk of Kondro Electric’s service revolves around the commercial end of things, accounting for approximately 60 percent of the work they do, but Kondro says they also do a lot of residential and custom homes, and work in rural areas as well. The company also has a trencher that allows then to do underground cabling, and a line locator, which lets them detect breaks underground.

Kondro attributes the success of his business to his employees, saying that without good employees he wouldn’t be where he is today. Kondro has a number of long term employees who have been with the company 41, 33, 25 plus years.

“Any company, their best assets are their people. So without them you can’t get ahead,” he said. “It’s not what I’ve done. It’s what my people have done for me. So that’s what I always say.”

Activities outside of the company have also had a big impact on Kondro’s career. He’s been a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta for 45 years and served as president in 1985-86, a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Board for 18 years and a chairmen for two, a member of the Aprenticeship Board for 6 years, a CECA board member representing Alberta at the Canadian Electrical Contractors in Toronto for 5 years, and a member of the Master’s Committee for 3 years helping reconstruct the masters program.

“We’ve been happy with it and enjoy the people we meet in Lloydminster and surrounding areas,” said Kondro of his business.